Today (5)

So what’s up today??? not a lot! Went for my walk, not so cold this morning so rain must be around somewhere. Woke up in a very black place this morning, not sure what that was about but it nearly had me stay in bed…but I didn’t, forced myself off for my walk and came back feeling good again.

Had my younger son and his wife drop in yesterday evening on their way home from a weekend away. Opened one of my 2008 Wyndam Estate red wines (really good) and a jolly time was had by all.

Went to IKEA on Sunday, third time in the week, this time we went with our older son and his wife who needed to get a ‘big boys bed’ for the grandson, yep he’s that big already. Went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner while we were out, the food was really good and the bill explained why!!!!

Start my new job next Monday….


so rushing to finish off bits and pieces that haven’t been done over the last six months! My sister and her husband are coming to visit in October so now I have a deadline to work to for getting the ‘daybed’ finished so they have something to sleep on.

So today is busy busy busy….

Life in the swamp! (8) – The farm (2)

For us the piggery was never going to be a big venture and we were never going to get rich from it. What it did do was bring in some extra dollars that supplemented my father’s ‘postman’ wage and later his pension. However we were able to every few months, send a dozen or so baconers off to market.

To get pigs to baconer size takes a lot of food, and not just any food. You want them to have a particular level of fat (because everyone prefers fatty bacon), to be above a particular weight. To achieve this we sourced different kinds of food that would give the results in the shortest time possible (this was long before GM). To ensure they got all the nutrients they needed, we bought meal from a local grain merchant. To help with the growth rate and fat, we had a source who would supply us with milk (This source had a large piggery across the road from a Dairy Milk factory. This factory prepared baby products and had very strict regulations about contaminants in the fresh milk. If it didn’t pass, the milk was rejected and pumped across the road to this piggery – free! So we too got it free). Another food we sourced was from a local chicken processing factory – chicken offal. We had a large cooker (600 ltrs) that the offal would be boiled in for a few hours (the time was set down by the government health authority) along with water and the discarded batter and chip scrapings from the local ‘fish and chip’ shops. So every morning and evening the market pigs would get a feed of this chicken ‘stew’ and during the day the meal and milk. When giving them the meal, we would throw it over the pigs and the floor of their pigsty. Doing this would encourage the pigs to clean each other as well as their home, they will never mess where they eat. We set aside one corner where we would not throw meal and this is where they would always mess – made cleaning very easy.

A couple of weeks before they were sent to market we would let them run free in a paddock on the farm. This would burn off any extra fat and get us a better price. The rest is all bacon and eggs – enjoy!


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Depression: Has anyone seen a Black Dog?

I seem to have mislaid a Black Dog! My wife and I have been away for five days as my wife wanted to visit a sick friend who lives about 600kms south of Sydney. It’s a beautiful coastal area (will try to insert some photos later) and other the the day of our arrival, the days were mostly sunny and marginally warm. We arrived home Sunday evening quite tired from the journey and come Monday morning there was little movement in the camp…actually we slept in till after 11am.

After finally getting up we decided to make the day special by visiting IKEA to get some ideas on how to finish the last few bits of our granny flat. Two hours later….

In the evening we were watching some TV when my wife asked, “are you on a high?” I thought about it and said “no, I’m just feeling happy”. I then gave it some thought and realized that it wasn’t a High, I know what they feel like, rather the big black cloud that has hung around all my life was gone! Gone! I was amazed, but scared because, what happens if tomorrow it is back? I decided not to mention it to my in case it did come back. Next morning, Tuesday, I awoke to go for my walk…no morning blues! I got up without any reservation and wen about the whole day without even a hint of sadness, how cool is that! In the evening I decided it was time to tell my wife, it felt so good to be able to give her some really good news for a change. She was so happy, what a day!

Well I’m not so stupid as to think it has gone for good, but I don’t care, I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts, long may it last! My wife asked if I could ever remember it happening before, I can’t, it just seems to have always been there. I told her that I can remember times when I was happier, but the cloud was always there. This is a different feeling altogether. I told her that now, even if the cloud returns it won’t be as bad because now I will always know what it was like for it not to be there.

Today, Wednesday, I am still free and loving it. Incidentally if anyone finds that Black Dog…I don’t want it back!

Today (4)

Well I am desperately trying to get some posts completed but life just keeps getting in the way. So here I am with another ‘Today’ post. We are actually away for a few days as my wife wanted to catch up with a sick friend and so we decided to make a bit of a holiday out of it.

The destination is s six hour drive south and we did that Wednesday with it raining the whole time. Yesterday was not much better, cold and windy and raining. Today…sunny sunny sunny, not a cloud in the sky! So today will be late rise, lunch at the wharf, galleries, etc, quiet dinner at our accommodation. Will probably add some pics later.

In amongst this I have been trying to organize my new job start date etc. Just settled this morning, start 29 June, hooray.

Thats it for now

Mental Health: Depression – Reblog “On having stuff and things”

Found this post on thisisadepressionblog recently and thought it was a good read, see what you think;

This is a Depression Blog

my world of dysthymia, double depression, anxiety, and other such afflictions

On having stuff and things

I am not a particularly materialistic person. I enjoy owning things, of course – I like having a laptop for computing, cookware for making tasty things, etc. But I get fed up with having so much stuff.

My family hoarded things. In part, it’s a habit you pick up from poverty. You hold onto things because you don’t know if you’ll be able to afford to replace them. You hold onto things that are broken or worthless because they might have a purpose one day. Before you know it you’ve got all this stuff that you don’t use.

I’m guilty of this hoarding on a small scale. I hold onto things that I think I might be able to use for arts and crafts. I’ve got scraps of paper, and pieces of string, and stones that I might use one day – not today, and not tomorrow, but, maybe, one day. A cleverer person would probably throw them out.

Every once in a while, I get the urge to live a much simpler life, and I start getting rid of things I don’t need or want. It’s not easy. I second-guess myself (might need it later, might want it later). Yet, I’ve never run into a situation where I’ve needed something I’ve gotten rid of.

There are also things I might want. I want more tech gadgets, and I want more cookware. But I don’t need these things, so I don’t get them. It’s pretty simple.

I’m happier living without so much stuff. However, I’m surrounded by people who think differently. It can be straining. I have friends and family who just keep buying and collecting things they don’t need. It grinds my nerves. I’ve learnt not to question them (Why are you buying that? You don’t need it.), because they get very offended (wanting something is a good enough reason for them to get it). I guess if they can afford the stuff, and they have space for it, it is their prerogative. I don’t really understand it though.


Thanks Michelle, I added the pic because I thought it appropriate! I can really relate to some of this because I tend to hoard and purge. I would say though that living simpler, less cluttered is really a load off so should be something that one considers if they suffer with mental illness.


But don’t take it this far!!!

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