Hi my name is Michael, and no that is not an error in the blog name, the “mi” represents “mentally ill”, corny I know but the best I could come up with.

I have had depression for as long as I can remember (and I don’t mean yesterday!) and for most of that time I didn’t even realize that I had depression. It is my wish with this blog to share my experiences and thoughts about living with depression and anxiety, so that perhaps even in a small way I might be able to help others. Sometimes I will talk about what is currently happening and sometimes I will relate things that I have learnt from experience and always I will try to make what I say interesting. The other point to remember here is that I am writing this from the “inside”. There are many people writing about depression and anxiety. Many of them are medical professionals and their content is invaluable and I will link to some of these in my discussions where relevant. However, what I am endeavouring to do is to discuss it from within the mind of a sufferer.

I welcome your feedback and comments but please try to be constructive as depression is depressing enough without others making it worse. I will also make a disclaimer now in that whatever others may put in their comments, I do not necessarily agree with and I suggest that whether it be I or someone else who says something, always check with your health professional.

Along the way I am hoping that some mental health professionals will join in and add their “qualified” comments. Especially if I say something that is completely wrong!

I would also like to invite other writers to write and submit pieces that may contribute to the overall depth of subjects. All the best in your journey….

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  1. Hi Michael, I was challenged to the Love/Hate challenge and I now I am challenging you! Check out my ficwriterwithablog.wordpress.com to see how it works ๐Ÿ˜‰ –Sam (aka runnerwithablog)

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    • Hi Sam. Not sure about this. I am happy to do the first part but never in my life have I done anything where I pass on names of others, even if they are happy for me to do so. Call me old fashioned or just crazy (they both fit) but not my thing. Terribly sorry.
      On my way to my second day of my evaluation. It’s cold and rainy, I had to run for the train so I am whacked before I start. Boohoo. Have a great evening

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