Anxiety and Depression – Online Mood Programs: YOU

You may remember I recently had a post where I had a look at the app ‘Happify‘ (click here to see my post), I made some comments in that post about why, despite how technically good the program might be, I wouldn’t keep using it. Well I’m not so I guess I was right about that!

However, recently I have been trying out another app. Not sure where I found it but something in the blurb made me think that perhaps it might be worth a look. It’s called YOU,


it is produced by a Helsinki based company called Fifth Corner. Jamie Oliver has got himself partnered with Fifth Corner and the deal with this app is, according to an article in the ARCTICSTARTUP, ‘to motivate users towards better wellness though micro-actions’ (you can read the article here). Below are a couple of screen shots from the app.

screenshot_mind  screenshot_move

So what’s my view? While YOU probably doesn’t fall into the category of a ‘mood’ program, and hasn’t been designed specifically with mental health in mind, for me it has many features that make it perfect for those

  • who feel the need for a daily shot in the arm,
  • who need to connect with a positive forum,
  • who feel like a failure if they didn’t get something right,
  • who can’t handle everything thrown at them so don’t want a program that makes them keep repeating something that they don’t want,
  • who don’t like being patronized by a program that says “never mind, better luck next time”, etc.

I have seen nothing about YOU that makes me feel the worse for seeing it, well done to the designers. A quote from the CEO of Fifth Corner, I think sums it up nicely, “Our philosophy is different from many other health apps – we believe data-heavy measuring and dashboards can be useful for some, but do not inspire behavioral change in all of us.”

If you haven’t done so already, have a read of the article mentioned above (click here). Then have a look at YOU!


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and Depression – Online Mood Programs: YOU

  1. I too am a YOU user. It has been a terrific in clusion in my life. While not medicated I have struggled with bouts of ‘blueness’ through my life. YOU-app has added not only a community of caring and kind people to my life who make me feel like I belong but ticking off daily micro actions brings a satisfying sense of achievement. It helps me feel that I am quite capable of choosing to keep up any of them that I feel helpful and it drops small, good ideas into your lap that are not overwhelming or seem difficult to achieve.
    I think it’s lovely that you’re spreading the message because YOU-app is a gem!

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