Today 10

Wow! I can’t believe how fast time is going. Just a quick update.

I am still holding my own with the depression…yoohoo! Actually I think I have just been so busy that I have probably broken some cycle or other. My job is really good and I have been doing probably one day a week of overtime. I am also building furniture again…this time for ourselves, a “day bed” that can be a single, two singles or a double. Should be good. With the change in the weather, getting warmer, it is soon going to be time to get active in the garden as well. Oh yeah, I also made some shortbread the other day.

Been doing a few family things as well…suppose to be playing golf this Sunday with my sons.

My wife has been making some new meals recently and they have been a great success, and tasty…yum!

I am still working on some other posts but they haven’t gone far, slack!

Well that’s it for now, take care all

Today (9)

Wow have I fallen off the page or what! With my new job (which is going great) and life falling into a pattern around that, I am just not getting to much at all. My blog has been neglected and my emails at last count were pushing three hundred! So I thought I would give a quick update so everyone knows that I am still alive.

As from my previous posts my overall state has been much better. I continue to have fog free days, or at least big parts of the day, and I am feeling much happier. On the down side, it isn’t consistent one way or the other and I do get a bit annoyed that it doesn’t just get better and better. Still I am a long way from where I use to be, and that’s progress.

I am planning to take it a bit easier with my blog over the next few months. I will try to keep updates happening and an occasional story as I find the time, I just don’t want to undo the progress I have made by feeling pressure to keep up producing. As I read good posts elsewhere I will try to get them on as well. If any of you would like to do a guest post for me that would also be great.

Just been checking some of my blog stats and was quite surprised to find that I have readers in over thirty countries, this post makes eighty nine posts, my first post was on 7 September last year. It’s been a busy year so maybe a break is in order.

So I will leave it at that for now, take care all and just keep writing….

Today! – On the buses

Well today was the first day where I had to do my routes properly with a trainer just there to offer assistance if I got into trouble…no problems, I nailed it, didn’t miss any stops, didn’t miss any turns, didn’t injure or maime anyone. I was very pleased with myself.

The trainer was also very impressed because I didn’t get ‘rattled’ at any point, despite have lots of ‘interesting’ things to deal with. The toughest was when a group of disabled people got on with their carers. One in a wheelchair who was completely dependent on his carer. It took us ten minutes to get them on and settled…that was the end of keeping to my timed stops! Anyhow it was one of those incidents that they talk about extensively in your training but often never happens as most of these groups have their own transport system, this groups mini bus had broken down. But now I have done it, seen how it works and will always be able to say “yeah yeah I’ve done that” when it comes up in future training sessions.

Well that was yesterday and today went even better, all training complete and as from tomorrow I am on my own…yoohoo!

No incidents at all today, just a lot of paperwork at the end that I had to sign…this is just to say that I acknowledge that they have taught me everything and it is my fault if I forget something, usual stuff.

I am feeling really good today, no blues or fog, let’s hope it lasts hey. Well keep your eyes open for updates!


Today (8)


Today is the beginning of my second week of work, having lunch at the moment (9.30am) so decided to write this and post it tonight when I get home.

So why am I having lunch at 9.30am? Start time was 5.50am.

When I got to the depot this morning I was greeted with the news that one of the drivers had a heart attack (see info), collapsed and died a short time earlier! Great start on a wet, windy, freezing cold morning, still the buses must keep running. The best part of the morning was the third route I did, a school bus route – first day back after a two week break – only problem was this school doesn’t start till tomorrow! Whatever happened to communication?

Last week was made up of two days in house training, then three days driving. Was ok but my instructor seemed to have a Jekel and Hyde problem, each day around 11.30am his personality went from congenial to antagonistic, then after an hour or so he would back flip and be fine again…go figure. My guess is he is probably suffering from fatigue and consequently at a certain point in the day he just cracked. Still a new instructor this week and so far he seems a lot more relaxed. This week I have three day here driving again then back to the class room for two days.

It is really weird going back to work after more than twelve months off, I was a happy retiree, retiree I didn’t need to go back to work (except for the need for money), I was happy doing my own thing with my walking, furniture making, shopping (one of the reasons I need to work…we love shopping). Not that I don’t want to work, it’s just not one of those things that drives me. In my twenty six years in the government I remember that most of those who retired in their fifties or sixties would be back as soon as they could get in. Some of them had great pensions and had no need financially to work, but they just wanted to work…I think they needed to get a life!

So how is the depression holding up? Well I have been mostly clear! Since those days a couple of weeks back when I had my first taste of fog free life, I have been a little bit ‘unstable’, not in a bad way but just in that the fog has tended to drift in and out. Some mornings are clear but mostly a bit low, nothing like they were earlier but just a reminder that the fog is lurking. On these days if I get myself up and going early I can improve quite quickly (so not too much of a problem now that I am working mornings). If I stay in bed then it takes longer for the fog to clear. The other thing that I have noticed is that I am prone to being very self critical if I make mistakes or if someone points out a mistake, I don’t remember being like that before. Last Friday I had a bit of a bad afternoon and got so ticked off with myself that I left for the weekend without finding out my Monday start time and without handing in my daily time sheet…will keep monitoring that one.

The other thing that has happened with the start of work is that I have fallen behind in my blog reading, way behind. So if anyone gets comments on two week old posts don’t be surprised! There are a couple of posts in the pipeline but they too are having to wait. I am just trying to take all things as casually as possible, spend as much time with my wife as possible – we have hardly been apart in twelve months – and just relax.

Today (7)

Just got back from my morning walk and feeling all the better for it.

Yesterday was our 27th wedding anniversary! So caught the train into the city and went to a great Japanese restaurant (for those living in Sydney it’s called – Azuma’s) for lunch (we always do lunch because it is too cold in winter to go out in the evenings all dressed up fancy). Anyhow we did the set menu, or should I say we did two set menus! My wife did the 5 course menu and I did the 7, and we shared as the courses were all different, it was brilliant. Caught the train home and then curled up in front of TV for the evening….what a great day!