Depression and Anxiety – Texting Helpline

Well what do you make of this? I have just watched a video about the “accidental” result from a US organisation that sent text messages to teenagers for an unrelated purpose, what came back were texts from teenagers desperately seeking help on all kinds of issues. If you want to watch the video yourself, click here.

So what’s my interest in this? Well, first and foremost, my interest is in mental illnesses particularly, depression and anxiety. Many, many young people suffer with depression and anxiety and if these young ones could be treated before their situation deteriorates further then that is a massive benefit. If I had got treatment when I was ten instead of when I was fifty four, I would likely have saved myself years of distress and even more important to me, saved my loved ones an enormous amount of pain.

If you watch the video you will hear Nancy say that texting has a 100% open rate! That’s impressive and for kids, this is their arena, this is what they do, and as pointed out in the video, it is private so they can be on a bus, train, in the library, almost anywhere and be getting help. Is it really that good? Check out this link: and see for yourself.

To me this is something that is too important to just let go past without seeing what can be done here in Aus, so I will be doing some investigating and speaking to mental health professionals to see if something can be done. It is not often that an idea comes along that straight off the bat you can say “That’s brilliant”, but to me, this is one of those moments because not only is it proven, it also deals with a situation in a way that those affected are only to willing to participate in.

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