Depression and Anxiety – The Ups and Downs

I just finished my post on Exercise, Diet and Sleep….decided that I would do something on how moods can change quickly, unexpectedly and sometimes annoyingly. While these mood changes are a part of what we live with, for those around us they can be difficult to accept or even understand, and they have to live with it as well if they are in close association with you. In discussion with my wife just the other day, she made a comment that made me start thinking about this topic when she said, “when I have mood changes I always know what triggers it.” For me, I rarely know what triggers it. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to another depression and anxiety sufferer and he made a comment about how his wife, even after years of dealing with him and his illness still asks what has triggered his sadness. So I guess it is really a lottery that just goes on and on – what will today bring? Will I be “down” and have everyone concerned and questioning, or will I be “up” and have everyone thinking “why isn’t he like this all the time?”

Overall for the past few of months my depression and anxiety have been under control or at least manageable. I have reduced my medication, with my psychiatrists approval, and have had no major problems. I have noticed that my level of sadness has increased but still ok, my anxiety has increased but again not unmanageable. So that all sounds great and my doctors are all happy. What this doesn’t show though is those “downs” that just come upon you. Where you are walking through a shopping center and realize that somehow between coming in the door and where you are now, your mood has hit the floor and, dare I say it, tears are running down your face. Or, where you are sitting in a coffee shop with your latte and American cheesecake, rubbing the skin off your forehead (one of my anxiety “tells”) clearly anxious about something but who knows what. Still this is what I call manageable and would rather this and still feel like I am “myself” than so doped up that I am “level” but not me. It could be quite different for you and you need to realize that by now I have been through all that and I am having on-going therapy so the meds have done their job in getting me this far, I will continue on some level of meds for who knows how long but it is nice to be me again. Another blogger who has come off their meds altogether has written her experience which I found interesting, so click here and have a read.

When it comes to “ups”, I have to say I don’t really have lots of those. Probably why when they do come along I behave very badly and for quite a while my wife was concerned that I might actually be bipolar – to be honest I had actually thought that myself! I think for me the best way to explain how I feel is this; when you have been sick with a bad flu or cold for lets say a week, that first day when the sickness finally breaks you feel like this is the healthiest you have ever felt and you are be tempted to do things that you shouldn’t since your body is still too weak. Well that’s me, when I come out of a low period I feel so great to be out that I….., ah well it’s great while it lasts.

It is good to remember though that you don’t have to be a depression and anxiety sufferer to have “ups and downs”. So always be conscious that those around you could be in the midst of something that has dragged them down. Consider their feelings and this might help them to be a little more conscious/considerate of you.


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  1. It’s interesting that you mention triggers for depression and anxiety; I don’t often know what triggers me either – I just suddenly am sad or anxious.

    Thanks for the shout-out đŸ™‚

    Off to read your newer posts now!

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  2. Thanks Michelle, I sometimes fear that I am the only one who has this problem but as I speak to more and more sufferers I am finding that it is quite common.

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