Depression: Has anyone seen a Black Dog?

I seem to have mislaid a Black Dog! My wife and I have been away for five days as my wife wanted to visit a sick friend who lives about 600kms south of Sydney. It’s a beautiful coastal area (will try to insert some photos later) and other the the day of our arrival, the days were mostly sunny and marginally warm. We arrived home Sunday evening quite tired from the journey and come Monday morning there was little movement in the camp…actually we slept in till after 11am.

After finally getting up we decided to make the day special by visiting IKEA to get some ideas on how to finish the last few bits of our granny flat. Two hours later….

In the evening we were watching some TV when my wife asked, “are you on a high?” I thought about it and said “no, I’m just feeling happy”. I then gave it some thought and realized that it wasn’t a High, I know what they feel like, rather the big black cloud that has hung around all my life was gone! Gone! I was amazed, but scared because, what happens if tomorrow it is back? I decided not to mention it to my in case it did come back. Next morning, Tuesday, I awoke to go for my walk…no morning blues! I got up without any reservation and wen about the whole day without even a hint of sadness, how cool is that! In the evening I decided it was time to tell my wife, it felt so good to be able to give her some really good news for a change. She was so happy, what a day!

Well I’m not so stupid as to think it has gone for good, but I don’t care, I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts, long may it last! My wife asked if I could ever remember it happening before, I can’t, it just seems to have always been there. I told her that I can remember times when I was happier, but the cloud was always there. This is a different feeling altogether. I told her that now, even if the cloud returns it won’t be as bad because now I will always know what it was like for it not to be there.

Today, Wednesday, I am still free and loving it. Incidentally if anyone finds that Black Dog…I don’t want it back!

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    • Yeah when we go to IKEA, we go with specific things in mind and we take the short cuts through the shop to exactly where we want to go.
      I have had a few minor slumps last night and today, but nothing serious at this stage. I know it will come but not fussed…I’ve been down there, no secrets.
      Things have been moving so fast around here I haven’t been able to get to my blog reading…I think I’m up to date with yours but I’m still over a week behind!
      Take care

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