For Family and Friends of Sufferers

On this page I will be putting links to sites that deal specifically with help for family and friends of those suffering from anxiety and depression. As we are well aware, it’s not just the sufferers who suffer, those closest to the sufferer inevitable end up suffering as well. Not in the same way, but it is just as taxing on them and just as painful.

The first link is an obvious one – the Black Dog Institute has a wealth of information including for carers and supporters of sufferers of anxiety and depression. In this link you will also find links to further support: What to do if you are worried about a family member or close friend – from this link you will also be able to access the whole Black Dog site which is worth being familiar with.

The next link is to the Beyond Blue site. This link takes you to the Family and Friends page. On the page there is also a Get Support link that highlights the importance of Family and Friends looking after themselves as it can be very draining and stressful looking after the mentally ill.

The next link is to the PsychCentral site and the article ‘9 Ways to Help a Friend or Family Member With Depression’. A great article and also another great site with lots of reference material and links to a wealth of information on many mental health disorders in addition to anxiety and depression. My Psychiatrist referred me to this site and said it is used by many professionals a reference source.

This next link is an interesting one. It is part of a program being run here in Australia by one of the universities (University of Wollongong), it’s called ‘Project Air – A Personality Disorder Strategy’. The link takes you to the ‘Fact Sheets’ page where you can print off material for yourself or others. This can be particularly helpful for those with friends or family that have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). There are also other useful links on this site.

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  1. Even though the life of a mentally ill person can be difficult, the life of their caregivers is no less challenging as well. Getting regular TMS therapies, making sure they take their meds on time, tolerating them almost all the time and similar things can be very hectic. This is the reason most people prefer hiring a professional caregiver or sending their loved ones to a mental institution.

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