Future Topics

On this page I will endeavor to list topics that I will be discussing over the coming weeks. If you have any questions or suggestions about topics, please leave a comment or contact me through the contact form. Thanks

  • Exercise, diet and sleep – ongoing
  • Mindfulness, CBT, etc
  • Challenges – Coping with ….. – ongoing
  • Family and friends
  • It’s not all bad – a lighthearted look at living with depression and anxiety

Topics will not necessarily be discussed in this order due the time and thought needed to make them worth while.

A new feature I will be adding to my blog in the coming weeks is have Guest Posts. The guests will be bloggers who have particular topics that can build on subjects that I have discussed or, topics that I don’t feel qualified to comment on.

Posts (mine) under construction: (Just so that you know I am not being lazy…)

  1. Living in the swamp (a trip down memory lane to my life growing up in New Zealand) – ongoing
  2. My grandson (tales of his growing up – born May 2012) – ongoing
  3. Hobbies


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