He’s not a Bubby anymore! – Depression and Grandchildren

It’s true! He’s growing up way too fast! My bubby grandson is no longer a bubby, he turned three not long ago and has just turned into a completely different kid…still really cute and funny, but a different person. I don’t remember kids growing up this fast before! All those cute “little kid” expressions have given way to a more sophisticated “aware” personality. The expressions keep growing in number, and admittedly funnier, but they are not the little kid things they use to be. One of his latest tricks is to drive a bargain, “hugs and kisses – deal?”, “play for five minutes, milk, story, sleep – deal?” Who knows where that came from.

He’s still a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan…”who do you love?” Answer “Thomas”.


Yes you can get him to say mummy or daddy but that always takes a few seconds for him to assess the situation! Then of course there is the mind games he will play…”do you love mummy and daddy?” Answer “no, I only love nana and pa”. I make the shortbread that he likes so much and I’m not scared to use it for the purpose of bribery.

He now sleeps in a big boys bed, no more nappies, and the safety gate has been taken away from the top of the stairs. He’s now stable on his legs and runs without looking like he is about to fall on his face, which is a good thing because he does lots of running.

Just last night he was having dinner with my wife and I, he initially refused help but after his third mouth full he said he was full, that’s his way of saying “I’m sick of feeding myself”. My wife steps in to help him and at some point he notices something green on the spoon that he doesn’t recognize…”What’s that?” he asks. It’s zucchini my wife says. He turns not just his face but his whole body away from my wife and says, “I only eat corn, peas and noodles”! After being told that everyone in the family loves zucchini and that he will too if he try’s it, he reluctantly eats it…it’s now one of his favorites. I really like his malleable personality.

It’s also great when he starts using words he doesn’t fully understand – he rings our doorbell, “come in if you’re ugly”, he comes in with a big smile on his face and says “I’m not ugly” question to him “so who is ugly then?” His answer “mummy”……30 minutes later he didn’t fall for that one again!

I am really happy to report that he is still sweet and considerate and comes out with the funniest things. Here are a couple more of his recent ones – they come with a story:

He’s been coughing through the night due to a cold that just won’t go away. My son (his dad) here’s him coughing and goes to see him, he asks, “Are you alright?” Noah replies “Yes daddy, I’m just very sick”.

Due to the amount of coughing he has been doing, my son sometimes sleeps on a mattress in Noah’s room so he can hear if it gets serious. The other night…(cough cough, cough cough) “Daddy?” Daddy says “Yes Noah” Noah replies “I’m aw’right”!

Just last night he started crying, his parents attend, “what’s the matter?”…no answer, he wants them to tell him! Eventually it is ascertained he has a sore throat and is given paracetamol, he sleeps for the rest of the night. In the morning his mum asks “what happened last night?” Answer, holding up his hands with his thumb and forefinger only a little apart “I had a little tantrum“!

How is this all working for me? Well I still have my ups and downs, not as many as before, as I have mentioned previously. My depression certainly has stabilized significantly. What I am happy about is that I did have some concerns that being in such close proximity to the family and a loud child might ‘rattle’ me, but it hasn’t and I am really enjoying the contact.

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