Priority One – Getting Help

If there is one thing that to me stands out as being the most important thing to discuss, it is taking that step to get help, don’t be a closet sufferer. According to the UN World Health Organisation, depression is “the leading cause of years lost due to disability world wide”. The statistics are shocking and yet so many sufferers still don’t seek help – a deadly decision since around one million people a year commit suicide as a result of depression.

I myself did not seek help until eventually I had a complete breakdown. I had grown up with the illness and yet somehow managed to convince myself that everyone feels like this, everyone lives with thoughts of wanting to be dead, of being so sad that they wish they would die just to stop the pain inside. So I just pushed my way through life, basically becoming a workaholic just to stop myself from “feeling”. Even when eventually I read an article on depression and alarm bells rang, all I did was convince myself that now I had a name for my condition, I could manage it – a near fatal decision(I will discuss this in my next post)! To make matters worse, in the build up to my final breakdown I hurt the people that I care for and who care for me. So again I would say, if you have even the slightest indications that you might be suffering from depression or anxiety, speak to your doctor immediately.

Which brings me to another important point on seeking help, not all General Practitioners (GP) are skilled in dealing with mental health issues. So it is important to make sure your GP is, don’t be afraid to question them. The Black Dog Institute actually has a part of their website where you can identify qualified professionals in your locality. If you are concerned don’t be afraid to request a referral to a specialist.

So just in case you haven’t got the point yet….GET HELP.

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  1. I have also been to the Black Dog site re GP locator and was also very impressed with the link. Having a good relationship with your primary care doctor make life a lot easier.

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