Today! – On the buses

Well today was the first day where I had to do my routes properly with a trainer just there to offer assistance if I got into trouble…no problems, I nailed it, didn’t miss any stops, didn’t miss any turns, didn’t injure or maime anyone. I was very pleased with myself.

The trainer was also very impressed because I didn’t get ‘rattled’ at any point, despite have lots of ‘interesting’ things to deal with. The toughest was when a group of disabled people got on with their carers. One in a wheelchair who was completely dependent on his carer. It took us ten minutes to get them on and settled…that was the end of keeping to my timed stops! Anyhow it was one of those incidents that they talk about extensively in your training but often never happens as most of these groups have their own transport system, this groups mini bus had broken down. But now I have done it, seen how it works and will always be able to say “yeah yeah I’ve done that” when it comes up in future training sessions.

Well that was yesterday and today went even better, all training complete and as from tomorrow I am on my own…yoohoo!

No incidents at all today, just a lot of paperwork at the end that I had to sign…this is just to say that I acknowledge that they have taught me everything and it is my fault if I forget something, usual stuff.

I am feeling really good today, no blues or fog, let’s hope it lasts hey. Well keep your eyes open for updates!


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